Make eco-friendly jewellery redesigning your older pieces

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At Silver & Gold Jewellers in Burlington they understand that many of their customers are looking for eco-friendly jewellery options they can wear guilt free. With the need to find more consumer friendly options they are happy to help their customers repurpose old jewellery to avoid throwing away perfectly good gold, silver and precious gems. Repurposing old jewellery pieces allows you to adapt family heirlooms and jewellery that is looking a little passé and develop new pieces you would be happier wearing.

If you have jewellery you do not have the heart to part with but that you have stopped wearing as it seems a little too old fashioned, you can speak to a custom jeweller to see how they can update the look. You can even look at removing jewels from earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets and using them in different ways.

This is also a great way to pass on jewellery to a loved one. Many people of the younger generation have an appreciation for family but might not feel comfortable wearing a piece that looks too traditional. You can take an older piece of jewellery and recreate it so that you have a new piece they would be proud to wear.

 This is also an affordable way to have newer jewellery. Precious metals can be quite expensive. By using old pieces you can take advantage of the gold and silver and use it to create more cost efficient jewellery made to your exact specifications.

You can even speak to your jeweller about dipping metal into more contemporary metals to update them for the popular “white” look.

Don’t forget to speak to your jewellers about repairs as well. From broken clasps to loose stones, they can update and repair your jewellery so you can continue to wear them for many years to come.

At Silver & Gold you can speak to their professional jewellers to see how they can breathe new life into your old jewellery. They also have a stunning collection of jewellery from which to choose. They are located at 4051 New Street in Burlington. Feel free to pop in to their shop or call 905-631-0356 for more information.