Custom jewellery offers perfect opportunity to express your personal style

Beautiful flower shaped diamond ring

At Silver & Gold Jewellers in Burlington they know that shopping for jewellery can sometimes prove frustrating if you have a more unique sense of style. You might find the right gold or silver detail but not be as satisfied with the setting or jewels.

Although they pride themselves in offering the best possible selection of jewellery they also know that many customers are looking for something that is one of a kind and truly unique. That is why they offer a custom jewellery service that allows you to create the perfect combination of stones and metals to suit your discerning taste.

When you approach a custom jeweller there are a number of approaches you can take when it comes to the design of your piece. Many people might come up with a theme whereas others might prefer a certain style. You can also look for inspiration from nature or something that you appreciate such as music or art. Many people also consider religious inspiration. The beauty of custom jewellery is that there are no limits to where your imagination can take you.

Custom jewellery is also a great idea for a gift. You can take the same approach to find inspiration. Using something that has meaning for both of you helps make the gift truly personalized. Your inspiration for your custom jewellery will help show how much someone means to you.

Once you come up with an idea for your design you can then look at the metal you are interested in using. Most custom jewellers work with a number of silver and gold and you can consider what metal will work best with the style and of course budget of your jewellery. You can then consider if your jewellery requires stones or if you prefer it to be simply made of silver or gold.

A good starting point is to look at pictures of jewellery and make a collection of the pieces you really like. You can discuss each feature you would like to incorporate into your piece with your custom jeweller and they can create a sketch based on your input and ideas.

Your custom jeweller will ask for your approval of the design and then take it to the next step. Many jewellers work will create a sketch with the aid of computer programs. It is also traditional to provide a wax cast so you can get a good idea of how it will look.  

At Silver & Gold you can speak to their professional jewellers about the perfect jewellery piece you would like to create. They also have a stunning collection of jewellery from which to choose. They are located at 4051 New Street in Burlington. Feel free to pop in to their shop or call 905-631-0356 for more information.