Alternative metal new trend for mens’ wedding bands

Wedding Bands

At Silver & Gold in Burlington they understand that jewellery is just as vulnerable to trends as any other industry. They are always keeping their eye out for the latest trends, but have a keen sense of what will last and what will be more of a passing fancy. One trend they feel will have more staying power is the attraction to more durable and affordable metals. This trend is very popular in mens’ jewellery and is especially noticeable with the wedding bands men are buying today.

White metals such as platinum have become the metal of choice for both engagement rings and wedding bands. However platinum is quite expensive. White gold is a possible alternative. However it can be a little more vulnerable and therefore requires the addition of alloys to get the look and feel of platinum. This makes it a little less attractive to some customers. The perfect answer has become available with a number of stunning metals that are not only perfectly durable for a lifetime of wear, but also very affordable.

One choice that many people are attracted to is palladium. It was not favoured by jewellers as it was not malleable making it difficult to work. However a new process created a more malleable version which made it an attractive alternative to platinum. Others include cobalt and seranite. Cobalt is not as durable as platinum. Seranite is a scratch resistant ceramic metal and many appreciate this choice as it is hypoallergenic.

For men seeking a truly beautiful option, tungsten is the only white metal that remains permanently polished. This is ideal for wedding bands that require a lifetime of wear. It is the heaviest and most wear resistant metal for rings and comes in many stunning designs.

At Silver & Gold you can speak to their professional jewellers to find the perfect choice for your wedding band. Whether you are seeking tungsten or traditional metals they have a stunning collection of jewellery from which to choose. They are located at 4051 New Street in Burlington. Feel free to pop in to their shop or call 905-631-0356 for more information.